July 14, 2012 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

The Chaine Des Rotisseurs Gala Dinner With Chef Yannick Allenno (Restaurant Closed)
Non-smokers friendly


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 10/10

Ambiance / Music: 6/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 30/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 10/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: Soon

This year, the Chaine Des Rotisseurs, Lebanon Bailliage organized their special Induction Gala dinner at the restaurant S.T.A.Y in Beirut.

The occasion was not just special because it was organized at Three Star Michelin- Chef Yannick Alleno's restaurant, but because Chef Yannick flew in to Beirut from France especially for the occasion.

Who is Chef Yannick Alleno: 

Yannik Alleno joined the exclusive circle of the world’s greatest chefs since he was awarded three Michelin stars for his work at Hotel Le Meurice in Paris in 2007. Elected Chef of the year by his peers in 2008, his talent lies in reinventing dishes from traditional cuisine, using the finest ingredients and local products with a combination of classic and modern inspiration.

Since then, Yannick Alléno continues to demonstrate he is a challenger, always looking for unique creations. Perfectionist and passionate about food, Yannick Alléno presents a gastronomy which is considered a true art form. Gifted with a strong and creative culinary identity, Yannick Alléno is now one of the greatest chefs in the world, on which gastronomic history will have to lean on.

He started his development in 2008 with the creation of the Group Yannick Alléno. The aim of the company is to offer his skills to hoteliers and food professionals. He has developed his activities in France and internationally.

About The Chaine Des Rotisseurs:

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs today is a truly international gastronomic association, dedicated to honoring the preservation of the traditions and practices of the old French guild in a completely contemporary and international context.

The principal goal of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is to bring professional and non-professional, amateur members in over 80 member countries together to celebrate their passion for fine cuisines and wines and to aid and encourage the development of young chefs and sommeliers worldwide through its national and international competitions as well as provide international food support and aid to those in need.

At a Chaîne Des Rotisseurs Dinners, the following rules should be followed: 

1. Smoking is absolutely prohibited until after coffee is served. This applies to the reception area as well, and usually even at outdoor events. Guests who desire to smoke are invited at a designated area outside of the dining or reception hall.

2. Water is served only upon request, and with the evolution of the strict driving/drinking laws, guests are encouraged to request water. However, to conform to tradition, water will not be served unless requested.

3. Speeches are not permitted at Chaîne functions (except during the Induction Ceremony.) Short commentaries on food and wine, however, are appropriate, interesting and educational. The service staff should be instructed in advance to continue serving when narrations are underway. On the other hand, entertainment must cease during commentaries.

4. Hot courses should be eaten when served as this is the moment when the food should be at its optimum quality.

5. Salt or pepper are not placed on the table, with the thinking that the food should be enjoyed as the chef had prepared it.

Tonight's Exquisite dinner prepared especially by Chef Yannick Alleno:

CANAPÉS: Tartare de Bœuf / Emietté de Crabe au Naturel / Asperge caviar.
FOIE GRAS DE CANARD AU LAIT D’AMANDE: Gelée au Café et Toasts Briochés.
ROUGET BARBET AUX CONDIMENTS: Artichauts Cuits en Barigoule.
FILET ET SELLE D’AGNEAU FRANÇAIS: Bayaldi D’aubergine aux Aromates et aux Oignons Croustillants.
FINES FEUILLES DE NOUGATINE: Aux Ecorces de Citron Rafraîchies au Fenouil Confit.

Wines Tasted:

F / Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve

L / Pinot gris 2004 - Château Khoury

F / Terra Burdigala "La Vigne d’Argent" 2010 - Bordeaux

F / Château La Croix du Duc 2009 - Bordeaux 

This special evening:

Our celebrations started at 7pm on the upper floor of S.T.A.Y where members gathered for a champagne drink before moving to the lower floor for the induction ceremony celebrated in the presence of the national Bailli Mrs. Arlette Mabardi and the representative of the international president Mr. Yam Atallah.

The Pledge of the Rôtisseurs:

“I do solemnly pledge to follow the rules of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, to honor my fellow Members and join in harmony with them at the table.”

After the ceremony we moved to the main attraction, enjoying Yannick Alleno's special preparations.

Everything was organized to perfection except the music: Welcoming waiters, a professional sommelier, adequate lighting and a perfectly set cutlery, but unfortunately the music was not up to the standard of this fine dining Gala dinner. It was very high with an unpleasant and annoying beat.

The culinary experience:

- Warm bread prepared in-house served with soft salted butter to start.
- The Tartare de Boeuf  was delicious with its pronounced pepper taste, decorated with a gold leaf on top.
- Fresh crunchy al dente asparagus served with caviar decorated with a golden leaf was very pleasant to savor, especially with the small crunch of biscuit creating a cocktail of pleasures.
- Emietté de Crabe au Naturel was exquisite. Simply perfect crab taste served in a tri-wood skewer.
- Fois gras with a white thin layer of almond milk, with four drops of coffee jelly under a white almond piece and a home made brioche. A sweet background taste was felt below the taste pallet after every bite: A mouthwatering composition.
- Fregola, a type of pasta from Sardinia, was the top dish of the night. With grated Botargo, a Mediterranean delicacy of cured fish roe, there was an overall strong taste with its varied mix of ingredients.
- Rouget fish served with sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes barigoule (a traditional Provencal dish of artichokes braised with onions, garlic and carrots in a seasoned broth of wine and water), served in large rounded plates. That can't be appreciated unless every ingredient of the preparation is tasted in every bite: A piece of tomato, a slice of fish and a punch of artichoke all marinated in their sauce. Every ingredient adds a plus to this unique mix.
- The veal was served with its fat giving a juicy finish with the onions perfectly integrated into the mix, along with pine nuts and tomatoes all covering the eggplant. This is one of those sweet dishes where 'Mmmm" is heard between every a bite.

It couldn't taste any better !

Ending these festivities of passion, was the dessert: "Un Sans Faute" A faultless preparation of crunchy, sweet and aromas, a combination of many tasty compositions prepared by the pastry Chef Regis Ferrer. The mini macarons, strawberry tart and green pistachio cake are as extravagant as the Nougatines leaves.

The food deserves a 10/10 but as an overall experience a 09/10 describes the experience perfectly well.

A dream come true dinner.





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