December 31, 2020

the961: NoGarlicNoOnions Just Won ‘Best Food Blogger Of 2020’ Award


Anthony Rahayel, a passionate Lebanese dental surgeon and owner of the NoGarlicNoOnions food blog, just won the “Best Expert Food Blogger of 2020” award.

This year’s international edition of the World Bloggers Awards 2020 was held through a fully digital format due to the world pandemic situation.

World Best Food Blogger 2020

Rahayel, who has been an advocate for Lebanon’s beauty and culture through his food blog, shared the exciting news on his social media:

“After posting 1,620 videos on youtube, and gaining over 100,000 followers on social media, as well as working extensively hard to showcase Lebanon’s true essence, Lebanon won the best food blogger of the year award.”

“Thank you a million times, it’s beyond words can describe,” Rahayel cheerfully said, showing great gratitude to his many Lebanese followers on Instagram.

This isn’t the first award the Lebanese food blogger receives. In 2019, Anthony Rahayel won ‘Best Street Food Blogger Award’.

‘No Garlic No Onions’ food blog, with its 5,000 articles to date, was established in 2012. Ever since then, his owner works on discovering different types of food artisans available all over Lebanon.

Anthony Rahayel has repeatedly emphasized that Lebanon is an amazing country, and traveling only makes him fall in love with his country even more.

Anthony Rahayel Award WInner

“Since 2012 I’ve had only one goal, to uncover the real face of Lebanon, not the one that makes headlines on international television shows, but the real, the amazing, traditional and authentic Lebanon,” Rahayel said.

It is to note that, while this World Bloggers Award was executed remotely, the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards will be held during the Cannes Film Festival in 2021.

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