December 17, 2020

Tips From Experts: How to Survive a Long Flight

Passing through a Long Plane Trip: Expert Recommendations

Nowadays, a plane trip is not something unusual. The quickest transport on the entire Earth can connect people on different continents within hours. It’s a real miracle when you think about it, just like discounts are. 

However, those hours have the chance to become unbearable when there are too many of them. No matter who you are, a student who decided to pay to write essay assignments and have a trip, or a business owner traveling overseas to make some serious deals: a long flight is a challenge for your body and mind at a time. 

Here below, you can find eight recommendations from expert travelers about passing through that long flight without losses (or with minimum ones). The best time to read the guide is, of course, several days before departure. However, if you are about to arrive at the airport in some minutes, the following recommendations will come in handy as well. 

No Alcohol or Sweet Drinks

Try not to drink sweet carbonized water or any beverage containing alcohol. You may be used to small doses and confident about your body on the ground. It’s fine. Self-confidence is always good. 

Still, you never know how your organism will behave at 35 000 feet up in the air. The plane might catch turbulence, your coordination may let you down, and some confusing situation would happen. 

Avoid alcohol and sweet drinks at least 4 hours before the takeoff. You’ll thank yourself for that while the plane will be rising. 

Take Care of Water

You better get a large empty bottle with you to the airport, pass through the airport customs and passport control with it, and then fill it with pure drinking water available. Of course, there won’t be a problem with asking a steward about it during the flight. However, having it stored nearby is a lot more comfortable when sitting in one seat for long hours. 

Clothes: Comfort First

A long flight means your image should not be prior to your comfort. It’s nothing terrible to mismatch colors a bit but wear free trousers, a bit wider t-shirt, and a good jacket if required. Of course, caring about your look is natural but try to be less critical about your style when picking things to wear on a plane. Just like with that water bottle, concentrating on your comfort is the best decision at this point. You’ll always have the opportunity to make a change after the landing. 

Get Your Sleeping Set with You

Two critical things here are an eye mask (it will help you sleep regardless of the amount of light outside) and earplugs (they’ll reduce the influence of side sounds, especially that crying baby bound to have a seat near you). 

Another plus is to have a comfortable and specially picked neck pillow. The companies might offer those to passengers, but it is always better to have a customized solution to guarantee yourself the maximum level of comfort. 

First Aid Kit Check

Have it. Have a kit with some essential medicine like paracetamol and light sedatives, even if you are totally healthy and aren’t supposed to panic because of the extremely high plane altitude. Have a kit with some more potent sedatives if you feel anxiety or fear before the flight. And have it checked if you have some chronic health conditions requiring special treatment. For instance, make sure you didn’t forget your insulin, an injector, and a glucometer inside your luggage case if you have diabetes. Check this point three times before sending your case to the baggage department.  

Adjust Your Seat

This option is available inside any modern plane. Regulate the angles of your seat’s back, its height, and anything else until you feel completely satisfied with your body position. Don’t postpone the procedure. Otherwise, you risk getting used to the default adjustments. That’s the way to feel tired right after the next time you get up.

Set Your Watch and Keep Up with the Schedule

Consider that you arrived at the destination point right after entering the plane. Change your watch settings appropriately, and keep up with the schedule expecting you there. In case it is night in that place, try to fall asleep after the takeoff even if there are bright sun rays behind the illuminator at the start of the flight. That’s why you took a sleep mask and earplugs with you, isn’t it? 


Entertainments. Make sure you have a kindle, a tablet, a laptop, an interesting book, or anything else to help you kill time with fun without leaving your seat. You won’t sleep all the flight through if it is 15 hours long, will you?

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