February 17, 2020

Why Your Restaurant Ought To Have A Food Photographer

Starting a restaurant is an incredibly difficult task in almost every regard. From gathering the finances to crafting the menu, there are a thousand different things that can go wrong and tens of thousands of little details that you will be responsible for. Marketing your restaurant is one of the later game responsibilities that you need to take care of to get yourself the business you need to survive as a restaurant. There are many different ways to go about marketing your company. It takes creativity and brains to do it properly. The aesthetic side of your company is vital to handle correctly. That’s where a food photographer comes in, using the appropriate software and the photo size increase tool to work on the details of photos. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the reasons to hire a professional food photographer.

It’s Not A DIY Job

So, before we get into all of the good reasons to have photos at all, let’s just take this escape plan out of the equation. “Something about everyone walking around with HD cameras on their phone has convinced millions of people that they understand photography. I guarantee you that, no matter how many followers your Instagram might have, you will not be able to take professional tier photos of your food without training”, states Claude Howard, restaurant surveyor at State Of Writing and Australianhelp. There are some things in life where, when you line up the expensive, professional version alongside a cheap, amateur version you can’t tell the difference. This is NOT one of those times. Professionalism is key when marketing your restaurant and this isn’t an area where you can afford to be sloppy.

It’s Not Just About The Pictures

A food photographer doesn’t just ask for your food and then snaps away, there’s a lot more to it. A food photographer will also act as a stylist. They know all the tricks that you need to employ to make the food look idealistic, in the way that food photography can make it. There are all sorts of sneaky ways that you can manipulate food to make it pop when it gets in front of the lens that, as a layman, you won’t know about. When you hire a food photographer, they can make everything seem more beautiful than is possible.

Customers Can Imagine What They Will Eat

When you give customers enticing images to look at on the website, you’re letting them picture themselves eating the food at your restaurant. “That element of simulation that is cultivated with great food photography is really powerful from a marketing perspective. If you can create a scenario in which a potential customer is able to picture themselves eating your food, then they are subconsciously reinforcing to themselves that they want to eat at your restaurant”, explains Tiffani Cole, food blogger at Paper Fellows and Management Essay. There’s a sort of instinctive radar that people have for judging taste where they can instantly imagine eating food when given a good enough photo of it. You can use this to your advantage as you market.

You Want Your Product To Look Good

Every company wants a good product shot. When you have a company, you’re trying to sell something. Whatever it is you are trying to sell, you need to present in the best possible way. With food, which people have such an instinctive and intimate connection with, it’s even more important that it looks beautiful and appetizing. If you aren’t really carefull about this, you can end up putting something on your site that makes your product, or your food rather, look unpleasant which will only help to turn customers away. Going without photography, on the other hand, is its own problem since you’re missing a great opportunity to invest in some really special marketing. So, in general, making your product look as good as possible is going to be vital.



So, with all that said, it should hopefully be clear to you how important having a food photographer is for your restaurant company. In such a tight industry, you need to find ways to get ahead of the competition and this opportunity presents itself on a plate (much like your food itself!)

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