September 29, 2017

Zuma: One of the World's Most Famous Restaurants

Zuma is a restaurant founded by chef Rainer Becker, inspired by informal izakaya-style Japanese dining in which dishes are brought to the table continuously throughout the meal. It's much more than a restaurant or a bar, Zuma is an experience, a journey into an amazing concept, where some of this city's most innovative drinks are blended and great food is served. The vibes at Zuma are outstanding. This iconic restaurant is a place one must visit at least once in a lifetime. I've been to the ones in Dubai, New York, Istanbul and London hoping to cover all the list as my travels around the travels continue.

ZUMA: New York

Zuma, the brainchild of award winning co-founder and creator Rainer Becker, brings its internationally acclaimed style of modern Japanese cuisine to Midtown New York. Zuma serves dishes designed to be shared, and inspired by the informal dining style of izakaya. The three kitchens present authentic and alluring options, with bold flavors and simple presentation, highlighting the quality ingredients. I've been to Zuma Dubai and fell in love with it... I tried the one in London and left astonished... I enjoyed a great dinner at the one in Istanbul and I recently fell in love with the one in New York.


ZUMA: Istanbul

Located in Istinye Park facing the Armani Caffe in the heart of be luxurious quarters is ZUMA. Take the elevator up to the first floor and prepare to be amazed. A large space, a square shaped restaurant divided into different islands including the sushi bar, the tepenyaki open kitchen, the bar and an elevated seating space. In the heart of the restaurant are high tables.


ZUMA: Dubai

Zuma is one of the best, or maybe the best fusion, Japanese restaurant in Dubai. In my opinion:  Zuma is not a restaurant, Zuma is not a pub, Zuma is not a lounge, Zuma is not your normal Japanese place, Zuma is a dream, an experience that activates all your 5 senses with a magical touch.



Enter the place from the street, before stopping at the reception desk located directly to the right. Gentle and beautiful ladies will make sure to find you a table within a few minutes. To the left side is a stone wall facing the first bar, a drinks bar decorated with colorful sake bottles. A large space opens behind that where two bars, with chairs around them, prep and grill for the pleasure of your senses.


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