November 13, 2015

Beirut Cooking Festival: Lebanon Has So Much To Offer

In its fifth consecutive year, Beirut Cooking Festival is back and in full blast. Bigger and richer than ever, Beirut Cooking Festival is a much anticipated yearly gastronomy destination that is taking place for 3-days, November 12 to 14 in Biel. The event is filled with food-related events, activities, promotions and appearances by food celebrities. In addition to Beirut Cooking Festival, two other events are taking place in parallel, Salon du Chocolat Professional and Gourmet Week.


Beiurut Cooking Festival is the address where fun, food, ingredients, professionalism and experience meet under one roof. It’s where we’ll be of course, so come down, get to meet us up close and personal and learn more about what NogarlicNoOnions stands for… as well as discover the BOX closely and learn more about our close relationship with Rural Delights Cooperative, the non-profit organization and the hub of a network of 42 women-owned agricultural and artisanal cooperatives, where rural women in Lebanon are provided with income that help them generate opportunities.


Rural Delights Coop specializes in traditional Lebanese food and “mouneh” that is totally free of any additives or preservatives as well as handmade handicrafts, crochet, accessories, soap and candles. Products include Jams and preserves, Pickles, Oil preserved foods, Herbs, Syrups, Distilleries, Sun dried products, Compotes, Hot sauces, pomegranate molasses, and sour grape.


NoGarlicNoOnions supports Lebanon and these initiatives to the fullest. Lebanon has so much to offer and we want to highlight all this the best way we know how…


More so there’s so much to taste from traditional bites to sophisticated chocolates created by local artisans. There’s so many talented people to meet in the food business… Come down and join us. taking place is parallel to Beirut Cooking Festival is Salon Du Chocolat, the annual event dedicated to chocolate; as well as Gourmet Week which celebrates the finest culinary experiences in Lebanon. Initiated by Hospitality Services, Gourmet Week aims to educate Lebanese more about food.  

If you missed us yesterday, you can still come down today and tomorrow…

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