July 25, 2013

Coca Cola Flavored Wine. Thoughts?

French wine maker Hausmann Famille has created a cola-flavored red wine. They called it Rouge Sucette 'Red Lollipop. coke

According to the Telegraph, Rouge Sucette cola (red lollipop cola) is made from 75 per cent wine with the balance sugar, water and cola flavoring. It’s about 9% abv, is best drunk straight out of the fridge and will be rolled out across France next month. This is the sort of story you might expect to be greeted with cries of “Quel horreur!” But, actually, although this might be the first cola wine, flavored wine is something the French have already embraced."

Rouge Sucette will be cheaper than wine. "The idea of adding flavoring to wine may seem an abomination to wine snobs, in the same way that certain Michelin chefs have been known to be so enraged when customers ask for ketchup with their dinner that they throw them out of the restaurant," says the Telegraph.


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