August 27, 2017


Farmers' products, Artists and Craftsmen of Rashaya .... Yoga and Hiking at the foot of Mount Hermon. Freshly baked bread, with our traditional dishes refined by the talented chef Jad Simionedes (MTV ALIVE). Tour of the village, accompanied by our guides.


  • Date: Sunday September 10, 2017
  • Time: starting 10:00 am
  • Place: Rashaya al wadi Souk
  • Pullman transportation from Beirut is available: 76 611244

The event: Food and crafts exhibition with live cooking laboratory made of our local products with the supervision of Chef Jad Simionedes This event will include:

  • An open air yoga session
  • An open air movie projection on Saturday night by "Joseph Chacra & Sons - Warner Bros. Licensee
  • Many hiking groups who will arrive early on Sunday and join us at lunch time to eat healthy food ( vamos todos, we are hikers,...)
  • An exhibition for local producers, artists and industrials, beekeepers, agricultural products, showing the best of our beautiful Rashaya 
  • Electrical cars for tourism within Rashaya
  • Crochet, paper plane competition and Mouneh Making are our Kids activities
  • Fusion cuisine Buffet made by different women working in their houses, or within local organisations, experiment new dishes under the supervision of the talented Chef Jad Simionedes It's a slow down event - refined and traditional with soft music.

This event is made with the collaboration and support of Rashaya municipality and Union of municipalities and it covers villages of Rashaya and West Bekaa.

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