April 08, 2015

"THE BOX": A Premiere in Lebanon. The First Box Delivered (Product Discontinued)

If you’ve subscribed to The BOX then you’re in for a treat. Today, April 8, 2015, you will get the chance to experience some of many gourmet discoveries I have scouted around Lebanon. Over a 100 boxes are being dispatched and in each one there’s a selection of delicious wonders that I have found, tasted and wanted to share with all of you out there… I want you to taste the culture, the hard work of local artisans… as well as get to discover our beloved country through the flavors and ingredients of each…


In addition to the delicious bites I am sharing with you, I have added a funky kitchen gadget, which I believe, will add a stylish touch your table. 

Finally, the first BOX is out there and you may already be enjoying yours while others are still waiting in anticipation to unravel the secrets it carries…

Today, you’ll be experiencing a part of my journey across the country… and I can’t begin to tell you how that makes me feel… Knowing that another person out there is discovering what I have… is tasting, appreciating and enjoying a small part of our Lebanon, through food… It’s touching…

The best part is not over… as you waited and anticipated to receive The BOX, the first one, you will be getting the same thrill every single month… Every month The BOX will include a completely different set of items, ingredients, and flavors… It’s endless, as endless as the delicious tastes our rich country has to offer, its hidden treasures, it's various cultures...

You may be asking what the box includes... One thing is for sure… It’s a heaven for any foodie out there. Let’s discover what the April Box includes

  • Debsella from Majdel Zoum, Tyre: Em Ali, 03649135: The name sounds interesting. Debsella is something special. It’s special enough to even replace your Nutella spreads. A healthier spread for sure. The jar, which includes a dark and firm consistency, is made from apple molasses, cocoa and walnuts. Eat it as is or spread it on a piece of Lebanese bread and let the experience begin.


  • Kechek el Fokara from Majdel Zoum, Tyre: Em Ali, 03649135: Although easy to make, the taste is something out of this world. Made from bulgar wheat, salt, water and olive oil, a burst of spices is enjoyed in every bite. Prepared in ball like shapes, each bite these innovations are better enjoyed with tomatoes, wrapped in a sandwiched or simply appreciated with a fork. Green, red or white, the content is the same; it’s just the spices that differ. 


  • Ixsir red wine, Grande Reserve, 2010 from Basbina, Batroun: Chin Chin. Pour yourself a glass of red wine… not just any wine… Ixsir is a Lebanese wine established in 2008 with a beautiful winery located just outside Batroun, North of Lebanon. The name is derived from the Arabic word for “elixir” (Al-Ikseer). Even though young, this winery has a lot to tell about Lebanon's historical grapes found in each of its bottles. Rich in minerals and saturated with Mediterranean character, this wine unleashes exuberant aromas of mature fruits and spices. Its concentrated taste enrobed in a fine texture gives it an attractive liveliness, while its rich and mellow yet always-complex palate lasts until the final touch of fruit. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Caladoc, Tempranillo. 


  • Bitter orange jam (bitter orange peel, sugar, lemon) from Kherbet Anafar,Bekaa: Nada Saber, 70951481




  • Markouk Bread from Becharré, Mona Tauk, 71954552: While shooting a Mechwar episode on Becharre, I was introduced to a lady up who makes some delicious Saj markouk. I brought back some home and enjoyed them even weeks after purchasing them. Their freshness and texture is long lasting. I thought you might want to taste them.


  • Kaak bi Halib from Zahle: Salon des Familles, Zahle, 08800731 These are unbelievably tasty. In my opinion, these are bites of heaven. The richness of milk can be felt in every bite, an adequate sweetness and sponginess like no other. Airy, light dough emptied in the middle, soft and tender like a pillow and bursting with flavors. Every bite is an indescribable cocktail of emotions.


  • Maamoul from Bread Basket from Tripoli: Bread Basket Square 76405407 These are not your average maamoul but a new version for the next generation. Open the nylon bag where square cookies await. Lightly crunchy and a bit chewy at the same time, filled with smoothly crunched walnuts with a fine crisp where an enjoyable sweetness leaves a smile on your face. They last three months and you should know that they don’t contain animal fat (samneh).


  • Les Festives by Al Chayeb: Al Chayeb Bakery 0991487 Yum. It’s maamoul season. Here’s some maamoul from Al Chayeb… A brand that is trying to bring the flavors we know into healthier products. Al Chayeb has established itself as a reference in the world of oat and whole wheat products, creating new, innovative products season after season, including maamoul. The dough will crumble under your teeth like a biscuit. An enjoyable treat for a midday snack. My favorite is their Tamer, that is fresh, lightly sweetened, smooth and different than the ones I have tasted so far this year.


  • Magnetic Table Trivet: Duplex Line 01495895. From the kitchen straight to the dining table. We’ve all been there! The food is prepared and the casserole is in our hands ready for the table. But where is the trivet? Nuance has now solved this problem with the launch of a silicone trivet with a central magnet. The silicone makes sure that the casserole stands well balanced and securely on the table. The magnet ensures that the trivet remains attached to the casserole or pan, making it possible to put them down wherever you want to without having to worry about having a trivet ready in your other hand. 


  • Maamoul Molds: Enjoy the maamoul molds I’ve selected to share with you. It’s maamoul season… start making your own home. Ok, ask your mom or grandmother to do so. We went all the way to Nabathieh to get them because we belive every household should have them handy.


Now that you know what was in our first Box, don’t you feel like knowing and experiencing what’s in the next one?

Visit our website www.thebox.boutique and subscribe today.


  • The BOX is an independent project.
  • Each box costs the subscriber $75, yet includes items worth $120 and more.
  • NoGarlicNoOnions does not stock any of the items in the BOX
  • NoGarlicNoOnions does not sell any of the items online.
  • Inside each box is a list of the items included, the ingredients in each and the contact details of direct suppliers do you wish to contact them for any inquiry or more orders.

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The box has been distributed with the generous and professional collaboration of Star Taxi Lebanon

Star Taxi


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